Monday, 26 June 2017

May 2017

 Following on from my previous post, the rest of May just seemed to whiz by.
 The end of May saw my birthday come round once again.  I took a week's annual leave starting on my birthday so was able to celebrate in the afternoon with my Mum, Emily, Claire, Alice and Megan.
 It was really warm that day so we filled the little pool with water so the girls could paddle and cool down a bit.
We did have birthday cake but, to be honest, ice creams were what we actually needed.

On Saturday, we had a birthday tea again and this time we were joined by Norma, her daughter in law, Emma and little Rebecca

During the week we went down to Pevensey Bay.  Although it was quite overcast to begin with, it did warm up and I ended up getting slightly burnt.
 I have been back in the UK for 26 years but I still find it strange seeing pebbles instead of sand and no real waves.  I guess we were a bit spoilt growing up in South Africa.
 I think we do need to find a sandy beach though so that the girls know what it's like to not hurt their feet while at the beach ;-)
 Alice and Rebecca

 The tide came in while we were there so we had to move our spot further up the beach.
 You have to have ice cream while you're at the beach!