Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Week 18

Well, it's been a while once again but let's give this another try.  I think perhaps the easiest way for me to dip my toe back into the blogging pond is to do a simple overview of my week - nothing fancy to begin with, just (as my blog name suggests) life in general!

 I feel like I'm finding my feet again after the separation and I've decided it's time for me to eat more healthily and to walk more.  An example: fruit in the afternoon instead of biscuits or cake and Emily and I are walking to work at least a couple of times a week.  To be honest, I actually enjoy the walk - especially in the evening when it gives me a chance to unwind on the way home.  Needless to say, it's always so much nicer when the weather is bright.  I may not be as keen when we head back towards winter.
 We had a few busier nights this week which is quite unusual for us.  On Tuesday our landlord came round to help sort out the bathroom sink.  Wednesday evening was haircuts round at Mary's.  I feel so much better now that I've had mine cut again as it had just got that bit too long.  Emily had the front of her hair shaped a bit more and it looks very pretty.  Mary has a cat called Roxy (below) who reminds me so much of Charlie, my cat who was also pitch black, who went out one day a couple of years ago and didn't come home again.  We have no idea what happened to him and I do miss him.
 On Thursday evening I went out to a leaving dinner for two colleagues.  We went to a local tapas restaurant and had a lovely meal.  I wasn't too late getting home but I was still extremely glad when Friday was over and it was the weekend.
 I don't know about yours, but our weekends seem to fly past.  This last one was no different.  I was glad to get the grass cut at last as it had grown so much.  The last couple of weeks we'd had rain and the ground had been too wet for cutting it - it always looks so nice when it's been cut.
 The back garden is still looking a little patchy after I raked out the dead patches and put down some grass seed.  Today when I went out to have a look at it I could finally see the new grass starting to come up.  It looks so fine and delicate compared to the rest :)  I'm really hoping it'll help to get the lawn looking good for summer.  The little flower bed is also starting to fill out a bit and fortunately, the bamboo doesn't seem to come back as much.
 Claire met a friend for lunch on Sunday so the girls came to our house while she was out.  We had a great time - Megan did a jigsaw and let Emily and myself put in the odd pieces.

 Alice was busy drawing pictures for us all.  We  had watched How to Train a Dragon on Netflix and Toothless (the dragon) was a hit all round.  I do love my picture of Toothless and Hiccup which has now joined the gallery on my kitchen cupboards.

 Claire got back just in time for us to go and pick up Mum and then go down for birthday tea for Chez and Ciaran at Norma & Chez's house.
 Time for Chez to blow out the birthday candles.  Ciaran was happy to sit in the corner with Rebecca and leave Chez to it.
 Alice and Megan are always happy to get a chance to play with Rebecca and I'm looking forward to seeing their relationship grow as they do.
 After dropping Mum back at her house on the way home, Emily and I decided to go for a walk down Forest Way. I really wanted to see if there were any bluebells left and we did get to see some.

 It was such a lovely evening and, even though you can't tell in this photo, there were still a number of people out walking.
 I think it must have been coming up to either feeding time or milking time because all the cows started making their way up to the top of the field.  There were a number of calves out with the herd but not close enough for me to get a good shot.
 We did our usual walk down to the bridge before turning round and walking back again.  It took us slightly longer than normal because we kept stopping to take photos.
 I'm not sure what's been planted here but I love looking about across this field towards the hills. The view is just stunning.
 What is it about dandelions that makes you want to photograph them? I loved the light catching this one.
And finally, some wild garlic.  I never knew what it looked like before but when we arrived at the start of the walk there was a notice on the gate showing some of the different plants you could see.

So that was week 18 and we're into week 19.  Let's see what this week brings!
R xx


  1. What a great start to your return to blogging!.....it's difficult dipping your toe in again isn't it? Xx

  2. Always happy to see you here! What a lovely recap; those girls have gotten so big---and are still so beautifu!

  3. Thank you Alison and Karen, I had been honking about blogging again for a while and Emily told me to "just go for it" and I did! Working full time now does make me wonder if I'll have anything to say ��