Sunday, 25 April 2021

Dog Walks in The Meadows

 We have a walk we can do which starts either off the road we live in or further down the main road.  We haven't been able to walk there during winter because it's been too muddy and slippy so when it started getting warmer (and drier) it was where we wanted to head to again.  We've been going for dog walks in The Meadows (as it's known to the local residents) for the past 3 weekends now and we love it.  Harry can go off lead while we're away from the road and it's been so good for his recall - he doesn't go too far before checking back to see where we are and if I call he'll come back because he knows he'll get a treat.  

If we go from the main road, we walk down the side of some houses and cross a little stream before reaching the main path.

A solar panel farm was created on some land behind The Meadows and we walk along the path around the farm.  Despite the solar panels, you still feel like you're in the country and it's so peaceful.

The last two weekends we've been for a walk there, Claire and the girls have come with us.  Alice and Megan were so happy to hear we could go back to The Meadows as they love being able to run with Harry.

We're also enjoying seeing the flowers appearing along the path and seeing the blossom on some of the trees, though a lot of that has now gone.  

This is the actual "Meadows" part of the walk

The bluebells have definitely multiplied in the last week.
Someone was very tired after the excitement of meeting other dogs on our walk yesterday, as well as having the girls to play with.



  1. You are lucky to have a walk like that on your doorstep. We have to drive to get to our green space. I'm glad the girls enjoyed their walk with Harry.

  2. What a lovely place to walk! We have a nearby park and a trail not too far that is much more open, but nothing like this without getting in the car first. Love the photo of the tired pooch! Our granddaughters like to walk with us every time they visit.