Sunday, 11 April 2021

The week that was

Em and I take Harry for a walk every morning and on this day we went at around 07:25. The sun was behind some fog which made it almost look like the moon, and gave a different feel.  It's pretty cold most mornings, especially if there's a wind blowing, so I'm still wearing my puffer coat, which is lovely and warm.  The scarf has also made an appearance a couple of times this week to help with the wind chill.  


We're enjoying seeing the blossom and feel sad when certain trees lose theirs and more leaves than flowers appear.  It's also been fun to see the different types of blossom - I wish I knew which were which.  Our cherry blossom hasn't appeared on our tree yet - I'm hoping it hasn't been smothered by the pyracantha! 

Mini Egg Cookies by Jane's Patisserie were popping up on my Instagram feed and everyone was saying how wonderful they were.  I knew the girls' would love them so bought in the ingredients and gave them a try.  I did have one (ignore my last post ;) ) and they were so good.  

I had made a trial batch on Easter Saturday as, now that we are able to visit family in the garden, I went round to Mum's to drop off her Easter Egg.  Claire and the girls popped round as well and we had a taste test! Big thumbs up all round. Can you believe Mum was 90 at the beginning of March? She looks amazing :)

I'm afraid I've become pretty hopeless at remembering to take photos, I just don't think to bring the camera / phone out.  So, this is my one photo from Easter Sunday!  We had Claire, Alice and Megan over and did the usual Easter egg hunt.  The girls' had bunny ears which they wore over to us and then decided to see what Harry would look like wearing them.  I think I just managed to snap this photo before they were off again! 

Harry's 6 weekly appointment at the dog groomers was on Tuesday.  I've been on leave this week so drove up to drop him off and pick up a couple of bits I needed to get in town. I then walked up later to pick him up again and it got darker and darker on the way up. I just hoped I would make it there and back home again before the rain started!  What a difference there was walking into town at 11:00 with the roads so quiet.  I will miss the peace and quiet when lockdown lifts further.  

Another visit to Mum's on Wednesday as I knew I would be baking again on Thursday.

Thursday was Claire's 31st birthday. However, it was also her 2nd birthday in lockdown so as she hasn't been able to celebrate with all the family she considers herself to be 29+2 and hopefully next birthday she'll be able to have everyone round for the celebration.


We're so glad this year we could at least be together in our bubble.  So different to last year when everything was so uncertain and Claire was on her own with the girls.  What a year it has been, certainly one for the history books and one we will never forget.



  1. Amazing to think Claire is 31! She looks fantastic, and I love seeing photos of your family. Your mother also looks amazing! So wonderful to be healthy and happy at 90! So glad to see you back in blogland.

    1. Thank you Karen, looking forward to dipping my toes back into blogland again.

    2. I took a year or so off and then when we went into lockdown the first time I started it up again. I find it less stressful this time around and might only do one post a week.

  2. Happy Birthday to Claire. I'm sure she will have had a lovely day. Your mum looks amazing for 90 . I'm glad she enjoyed your cookies. Well done you, on only having one :0)